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Samurai Squat,Yoga Squat.

The Samurai Squat&YogaSquat

In 2023, I will be teaching the samurai squat to anyone visiting the United States from Japan. However, before starting the lesson, I noticed that many of my students were experiencing knee pain due to being overweight or having poor knee health. That’s when I realized that this ancient Japanese technique could benefit not just those visiting from Japan, but also Americans who are looking for a new and exciting way to exercise.

The samurai squat is a combination of yoga and traditional Japanese practices that focus on the etiquette of walking 25 miles a day without hesitation. It’s a powerful exercise that can improve overall health and fitness, but also alleviate knee pain and prevent future injuries. During the lessons, we had a lot of fun, and I was able to teach this skill to everyone from young to old.

I believe that my skills can be taught to anyone, and not just those interested in samurai culture. Yoga teachers, exercise instructors, and school programs could all benefit from incorporating the samurai squat into their teachings. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this exciting exercise, I encourage you to spread the word to your yoga students, schools, and exercise groups. Together, we can all improve our health and well-being!

Samurai Masuharu

Samurai Squat Event in U.S.A.

For flyer, Walk forever without getting tired!

In ancient times, Japanese Samurais could easily walk 25 miles per day during their training. “Samurai Squat” techniques have been developed based upon similar motions of the old Samurai training.

This is a one time event focused on teaching various squat postures that can be easily performed at home in a small amount of time. This low impact exercise will incorporate strength training, breathwork and stretching derived from Japanese Samurai training.

***This event is suitable for all body types and exercise experiences***

Full Body Health Benefits! Samurai squat effect! Squats can improve diet, anti-aging, fall prevention, osteoporosis prevention, immunity improvement, dementia prevention. It is said to be effective in preventing urine leakage, relieving constipation, and balancing the autonomic nervous system.

Amazing anti-aging effect!

Samurai Squat Master Masuharu(73 years old) was diagnosed with cancer over 20 years ago and quickly became interested in yoga as a way to help heal the body/mind connection.

Masu studied yoga in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, CA then returned to Japan to teach Japnese people the benefits of yoga. With over 18 years experience, Masuharu has devised exercises based upon his interest in a healthy mind/body connection rooted in his Japanese heritage.

Masu has made several appearances on the Japan Broadcasting Corporation and several articles in Asahi Newspaper.

Masuharu’s real age is 25 years younger based upon the body composition meter.




古代、日本の武士は、訓練中に 1 日 25 マイルを簡単に歩くことができました。 「サムライ スクワット」テクニックは、昔のサムライ トレーニングの同様の動きに基づいて開発されました。

これは、短時間で自宅で簡単に実行できるさまざまなスクワットの姿勢を教えることに焦点を当てた イベントです。この負荷の少ないエクササイズには、日本の武士のトレーニングに由来する筋力トレーニング、ブレスワーク、ストレッチが組み込まれています。




サムライ スクワット マスター マス (73 歳) は 20 年以上前に癌と診断され、すぐに体と心のつながりを癒す方法としてヨガに興味を持つようになりました。

ますは、カリフォルニア州ハリウッドとビバリーヒルズでヨガを学び、日本に戻って日本人にヨガの利点を伝えました。 18年以上の経験を持つマスは、日本の伝統に根ざした健康的な心と体のつながりへの関心に基づいて、エクササイズを考案しました.



It is a trial session of “correct squat with high exercise effect” that can be easily done at home in a short time. The human lower body has about 70% of the total muscle mass, From the age of 20, muscle strength gradually declines. It is said. People feel old when their lower body and legs become weak. First of all, release the fascia from the place where everyone feels hard, and use a chair, wall, etc. Squats that do not put a strain on the knees and hip joints, If you do not normally exercise, we will give you guidance according to your physical condition.

Masuharu Samurai Squat

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